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Tax Consultant In Preet Vihar

In this blog, you will read about the international taxation and its importance. This will help you to understand about the international taxation. This Blog is brought to you by the leading service provider of International taxation in Delhi that gives you the best business services.


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What is GST Rates

As soon as the GST rates were announced a huge wave of curiosity hit across industry and trade bodies. Everyone is evaluating their position as a result of this change. So in this article, we bring you our analysis of these GST rates.
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As per 25th GST Council meeting on 18th January 2018

*Note that Rate changes, Exemptions and other proposals made shall be given effect once the Notifications are issued for the same.

Rates for 29 Goods and 53 Services have been revised*.

  • Goods taxed at 0%- Vibhuti, De-oiled rice bran and parts used to manufacture hearing aids
  • Reduced from 28% to 18%- Old and used motor vehicles without ITC, Public transport Buses that run on Biofuel, Services of joy rides, Go-karting
  • Reduced from 28% to 12% –Old and used motor vehicles [other than medium and large cars and SUVs] without ITC
  • Reduced from 18% to 12% –Drinking water packed in 20 litres bottles, Drip irrigation system, sprinklers, Biodiesel, Sugar boiled Confectionery, Services of construction of metro / mono-rail, mining of petrol crude
  • Reduced from 18% to 5% –LPG for household use, Tamarind Kernel Powder, Mehendi paste in cones, Raw materials and Consumables needed for Launch vehicles/satellites, Services of Tailoring
  • Reduced from 12% to 5%-Velvet fabric( Without Refund of ITC), Articles of straw, of esparto or of other plaiting materials
  • Reduced from 3% to 0.25%-Diamonds and precious stones
  • Rate Increased from 0% to 5%-Rice bran (other than de-oiled rice bran)
  • Rate Increased from 12% to 18%-Cigarette filter rods
  • Services included in the Exemption List:
    • Providing information under RTI Act, 2005
    • Legal services provided to Government
    • Admission to, or conduct of examination provided to all educational institutions including any service of conducting entrance examinations  on collection of entrance fees

New GST rates in Delhi have been introduced. So take the GST registration for your product and service business as early as possible with the help of experts at Tax Home. It is the best Tax consultant in Delhi, which will help you with registration at the best GST rates in Delhi. Tax Home is a leading GST consultant firm, where you can enroll for the best finance and tax related services.

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What Are The Tips to Choose the Best International Tax Consultant For Your Business?

What Are The Tips to Choose the Best International Tax Consultant For Your Business?

If you are a business owner, then it is important to choose the experienced tax consultant to enhance the business. As a business owner, finding the right tax consultant can be a challenging task. So, in this blog the service provider of international taxation in Delhi would like to share some tips to choose the best international tax consultant.

Many organizations and individuals hire tax consultants in order to maximize tax refunds and minimize tax obligations. Hiring a professional tax consultant will help the business in improving their business growth and manages taxes.

Let’s elaborate the tips to choose the best international tax consultant for your business

  • Figure out your tax needs

When looking for the best tax consultant, first you need to consider your needs such as why you need a tax expert, who understand business needs. First, ask yourself what you want from the tax consultant and then move ahead.

  • Surf the internet

You can look out for something simple with the help of the internet. You’ll be able to search on Google for the top tax advisor and you’ll get varied choices. Select the one that has smart reviews regarding the services. You’ll be able to conjointly take the help of social media channels to seek out the proper tax consultant.

  • Pick a reliable consultant

The tax consultant should be knowledgeable and reliable. You should look fro the consultant who has an experience of working with small businesses. A tax consultant who has been in the market for so many years so that you can trust him and can easily share your financial details.

So, these are the tips to choose the best international tax consultant for your business. If you are also a business owner and looking for the experienced tax consultant, then you can consult Tax Home. Tax Home is the leading service provider of one person, company registration, GST registration and international taxation. So, approach Tax Home and get the best business and tax solutions.

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What is the procedure for registering your business with SSI?

SSI stands for small scale industries. Registering your business with SSI avail many benefits. The Indian government offers numerous benefits to the organization which are registered with SSI/MSME.


The manufacturing and service related business both can take the advantages of registering with SSI/ MSME. All small and medium sized business are eligible to apply for SSI/ MSME registration under MSME act. It has some advantages such as low interest of rate, tax relief, and they can get quick loans from the banks, and so on. So, you can opt for SSI online registration in Delhi to get such benefits.

Here are some steps or procedure for registering your business with SSI.

Step 1 – Provisional SSI registration

The first step to register with SSI is to get the provisional SSI registration certificate (PRC). When the unit is in a pre- operative period and help SSI unit to obtain term loan and working capital from banks under priority sector lending. This license helps the business to obtain facilities for land and other approvals. This license is given for 5 years.

Step 2 – Start the business

Now, after getting a provisional SSI certificate, it’s time to start the business with SSI certificate. The owner of the business can start the production, so that he can get a permanent SSI license.

Step 3 – Apply for permanent registration

After the business production start, then you can apply for permanent SSI registration. Obtaining permanent SSI registration will help the business in ways such as income tax and sales tax exemption, incentives and concessions and availability of raw materials and many others.

So, in these 3 easy steps, you are able to register your business with SSI. If you also have a small and medium sized business and looking for the SSI registration, then you can consult Tax Home. Tax Home is the leading service provider of SSI registration, GST registration, one person, company registration and international taxation in Delhi. You can approach Tax home to get the best business solutions.

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Why you should opt for FSSAI registration?

FSSAI is a food license, which is required to operate food business and ensure the quality of the food. It stands for food safety and standards authority of India. This license is mandatory before starting a food business. To let you know more about FSSAI, the service provider of FSSAI registration in Delhi would like to share some reasons for why you should opt for FSSAI registration.


If you are going to start a food business, then it is very important to get a FSSAI license with your food business. Using the FSSAI license will help you to get numerous benefits to your business from the central and state government. Registering with FSSAI license will help you to develop your business brand and also expand your business. It will establish the reputation of the business and expand it. Now, below are some reasons.

Let’s elaborate the reasons for why you should opt for FSSAI registration.

  • Consumer awareness

The consumers now have become more alert about the quality of the food. People are required to know that the food they are consuming is safe and have good quality. Now, the people have started to take the food safety standards seriously. So, if you register with FSSAI, then it will increase the customer base and make it strong.

  • Legal advantages

To get numerous advantages of FSSAI license, it is always advisable to register with a FSSAI license, before starting your food business. You can get license with ease and at a reasonable cost within 60 days.

  • Business expansion

The FSSAI license helps your food business in expansion and also grow your business in a new direction. By registering it, you can also get bank loans for funding, which is also very easy to apply for.

So, these are the reasons for why you should opt for FSSAI registration. If you are also looking for starting a food business, then you can approach Tax Home to get a FSSAI license with ease. Tax Home is the leading service provider of one person, company registration, GST registration, and FSSAI registration Delhi. So, consult Tax Home and get your food business registered with FSSAI.


Benefits of company registration under GST

Benefits of company registration under GST
There are a lot of benefits of taking registration under the GST, which we are going to share in this blog. Register under the GST Act in Delhi and enjoy following benefits in your business: –
  • Ease of doing business in India
Taxes like VAT and Service tax used to create complexities for businesses, as they have to calculate taxes for the transaction based on different rates levied on different items. But with GST, the invoicing and compliance has become easier, as only one rate has adopted under the GST.
  • Nominal tax rates
The biggest benefit of the GST is that the taxpayers have to pay the tax at the nominal rate. The taxpayer, whose annual turnover is less than fifty lakhs are not eligible to collect and upload invoices.
  • Multiple tax in GST
Many taxes that were in existence are subsumed and made into one tax called the GST. The various taxes that are subsumed in the GST are central govt. taxes (Central Excise Duty, Service tax, Additional customs duty, Special Additional Duty of Customs, Central surcharges) and State govt. taxes (VAT, CST, Octroi and Entry Tax, Purchase Tax, Luxury Tax, Taxes on the lottery, betting & gambling, State surcharges & Entertainment tax).
These are the important benefits of registering your business under the GST. You can get your business registration under the GST with the help of experts at Tax Home. They will give you the bet GST rates in Delhi. So approach Tax Home and enjoy various benefits under the GST.
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Types of business entities in India

MSME registration in Delhi and SSI online registration in Delhi

While setting a business in India, the “company” is the commonly used word. Starting a company seems easy, but it’s actually not. In India, there are different types of entities to choose from. Here in this article, you will find the different types of business entities in India. One needs to register their business as the following business entities.



  • Sole Proprietorship


It is one of the most common business entities in India. It is a type of business, which is registered in the name of an individual. In Sole proprietorship firm, a single person is responsible for the entire business. Any loss or profit becomes the person loss and profit for a business owner.


  • Partnership


This type of business entity is similar to a partnership. The difference between a partnership and sole proprietorship is that the partnership firm has more than one person as the owner. Any profit earned by the company is shared between the partners and in case of lose, each of the partner is personally responsible.


  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


LLP business entity was introduced in 2009, which is a separate legal entity from the partnership entity. Business assets are separate from the personal assets of the partner, so in case of loss, the personal assets of the partners are not put at risk.


  • Private Limited Company


It is the most sophisticate type of business entities in which a group of shareholder forms company. Every partner is allowed to have a variable number of shares. In Private Limited Company, the maintenance of financial record, transaction, annual reports, etc. is essential. An audit of financial reports is also essential for private limited companies


  • MSME/SSI Company


MSME stands for micro, small and medium enterprises and any enterprise that falls under any of these three categories can get the MSME registration. MSME companies are the backbone of the Indian economy. Companies can take a lot of financial advantages, if it is registered under MSME business.

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If you want to start your own business, then you can get your business registered under the above written entities. You can take the help of professionals at Tax home for the Sole Proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company and MSME registration in Delhi. Tax Home is the leading provider of Sole Proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company and SSI online registration in Delhi.

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How FSSAI license can impact your restaurant business positively?

Being a Delhiite, I am a big foodie. I like to roam around different places on weekends just to taste some lip smacking food. I always prefer to choose a restaurant, which offers good quality food. The first thing I look at the restaurant menu is FSSAI registration mark. FSSAI logo certifies that the restaurant food is safe and its quality is good for the health.

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Many restaurants perceive the FSSAI license, which certifies that the restaurants have the permission from the FSSAI department to sell food products. For food businesses, FSSAI is used as a marketing tool to increase business. In this article, we are going to discuss the impact of FSSAI food licensing & the FSSAI registration system on your restaurant business.

  1. FSSAI is the certificate of purity

Most food outlets and restaurants avoid FSSAI food licensing to save time and money and to avoid the hectic process of documentation. But this license saves you against the legal actions against the restaurant in case of food poisoning, allergic reactions, etc. FSSAI license is essential and attaining it, is very simple with the help of legal consultancies. They will charge normal fees and you will get the license at your door step with minimal documents.

  1. Helps in business expansion

If you have a renowned restaurant chain and you want to expand your business in different locations of the country, then get the FSSAI on an urgent basis. The license will also help you to get a loan and funding from the bank for the expansion. Your restaurant chain will be widely accepted by the new customers also. You can use the FSSAI logo on your bills and restaurant menus to enhance your relationship with customers.

  1. Expand your reach to corporate

Getting the big ticket for the events of corporate is quite tough for restaurants due to their strict and tight regulations. All corporations, like to give the food tender to the restaurant, which has FSSAI food license, as it is the certification of good quality. So, FSSAI license is as important as the other essential papers required to get permission for operating the food business in the event peacefully.

  1. Standardization of kitchen

FSSAI expects that every food outlet, which is certified under the authority, should follow certain rules and regulations, procedure and processes to maintain a standard of hygiene in the kitchen. The guidelines of FSSAI can help the restaurant businesses to secure a good standard and the quality of the food.

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The process of getting FSSAI license is quite easy. You can approach a legal consultant that can help you to get the FSSAI license at an affordable cost in a small period of time. You can approach Tax Home for the convenient FSSAI registration in Delhi. Experts at Tax Home will give you the right consultation regarding your business, loans, compliances, etc. Without wasting time, run a successful business and expand it with the help of Tax Home.

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Why you need a tally accountant for your business

Every business requires an accountant for its growth and development. A tally accountant helps the business to understand business and financial goals.  Tally accountant is necessary for all types of business whether it is small or big. So, in this blog, I am going to share the reasons for why you need a tally accountant for your business.

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The tally accountants are helpful and have great experience in accounting and financial issues. They have a very good grip in accounting feature. They work with the best tally software, which is simple, and easy to operate and reliable with full business support. The capability and functioning of tally are wide and extended to a great content. It is becoming more popular than before. Let’s discuss the reasons below.

Here are some reasons for why you need a tally accountant for your business.

  1. Develop budget

A tally accountant helps the business to operate budget for their operations.  The budget of the company created from various financial accounts.  It helps the company to make the business decision fast and secure and also helps the business owners to understand better about the business and its resource.

  1. Save your time

You need to dedicate each minute you’ll be able to the necessary work of developing your product and services to boost your profits. Having a tally accountant who will facilitate to check that you’ve filled in your forms properly, assist you to satisfy key deadlines and provide money recommendation can assist you to concentrate your efforts on what you are doing the best.

  1. Manage complex accounting tasks

A tally accountant manages the complexity of the tasks. They solve the complex accounting problems and ensure that no mistakes are made.

So, these are the reasons why you need a tally accountant for your business.  If you are struggling with the finance part of your business, then you should hire a professional tally accountant for the growth of the business. Tax Home has the best and experienced tally accountants that provide effective business solutions in an effective and efficient manner. So, approach Tax Home and get the best tally accountant Delhi.

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Things to consider before taking personal loan

Being a provider of personal loan, I am glad to tell the basic things that you should consider while filling online personal loan application DelhiI would suggest you choose a service provider of instant personal loan instead of banks.

One of the service providers of personal loan is Tax Home. They have a team of experts, who will help you get the instant loan approval at lower rate of interest. They are the best company, which you can consider for personal loan low interest DelhiSo, don’t wait much and get your instant personal loan approval by Tax Home.
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Know the different types of personal loan

If you are going to consider a personal loan, then you should have a clear information or knowledge about it. Personal loan involves various requirements that you need to fill regarding your personal loan. It is important to understand different types of personal loans.  So, in this blog, I am going to share the various types of personal loans that you need to know.

personal loan.png

There are a large number of customers, who are going to choose personal loans to create long-awaited purchases and for fulfilling their financial goals. It facilitates customers to ease financial restraints they will face while creating large purchases like buying a car, a property or investment in their child’s education etc. You can also consider taking a personal loan for consolidating all of your current debts, so that you’ll be able to pay off your loans with ease and at a lower interest rate. Now, it’s time to look at the various types of personal loans.

Let’s elaborate the different types of personal loan that you should know.

  1. Consumer durable loans

These kinds of loans are being provided for purchasing durable products like tv, music system and so on. These are one of the distinctive kind of loans that are provided to attract a lot of people towards them. Banks offer this loan for optimum of a period of five years.

  1. Marriage loans

This type of personal loan is equally popular among the urban and rural sectors. The loan amount depends on numerous factors, including age of the applier, security pledged by the applier, repayment capability of the applier etc.

  1. Pension loans

There are many banks that pay attention of the old aged individuals as well. This type of loan is called a Pension loan. Under this type of loan, the banks offer the maximum quantity which is up to seven to ten times of the quantity.

So, these are the different types of personal loans. If you are also looking for the personal loan, then you can approach Tax Home. Tax home is the best tax consultants and provides online personal loan application in Delhi. So, approach them and get the best personal loan at low interest Delhi.