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Tax Consultant In Preet Vihar

In this blog, you will read about the international taxation and its importance. This will help you to understand about the international taxation. This Blog is brought to you by the leading service provider of International taxation in Delhi that gives you the best business services.


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Registration Procedure Guide for GST

Registration Procedure Guide for GST
Registration Procedure Guide for GST

GST stands for goods and service tax, for which different businesses & entities require registration. To register for GST, one need to follow the registration procedure wisely or can take the help of experts, who provides registration for GST in Delhi.

In this blog, a leading legal consultant in Delhi is going to share the procedure for the GST registration in Delhi. So, read this blog and get GST registration for your business entity.

  1. In the form GST REG-01 on GSTN Portal, one needs to submit his PAN, Mobile number and E-mail address.
  2. The PAN is verified on the GSTN portal and the mobile number & e-mail address are verified through OTP. In the form GST REG-02, an acknowledgement will be issued.
  3. Now the applicant would require to fill the Part B of the form GST REG-01 and specify the reference number of application. After that, submit the form attaching the required documents. The authentication would be done through E-Signature.
  4. For any additional information, GST REG-03 will be issued and the applicant would require to respond in the form GST REG-04 with the required information in the form GST REG-03 within 4 working days.
  5. Once you provide all the required information, the registration certificate in the form GST REG-06 will be issued. If the submitted details are not satisfactory, then your registration application will be rejected using form GST REG-05.

These are points that you are required to keep in mind for the registration of GST. If you have any amendments to make in the registration, then submit the application with changes within 15 working days along with the documents. You can take the help of experts at Tax Home for the GST registration. You can approach them to know their best GST rates in Delhi. At Tax Home, you will get your GST registration done under GST act in Delhi in less time & money.

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Things you should know before taking a personal loan

Things you should know before taking a personal loan.png
online personal loan in delhi

When it’s about financial emergency, getting a personal loan is the easiest and quickest option. It can help you in many ways. You can avail the personal loan for marriage, travelling, education, home refurnishing, etc. You can get the cash without keeping any valuable asset as collateral.

If you are applying for the personal loan, then there are some things that you are required to keep in mind. Here in this blog, a provider of Personal Loan at Low Interest in Delhi is going to share the things that you should know before taking a personal loan. So, read this blog and then apply for the personal loan.

  1. Know your credit score

The credit score is the foremost thing that banks prefer to check before giving you a personal loan. Your credit score shows your credibility, as a money borrower and help the banks to make the decision, if they should give you the loan or not. People with good credit score are likely to get loans easily.

  1. Decide the amount wisely

Never borrow more than you need. First, analyze your financial requirement and then decide the amount wisely. The bank may give you a higher amount if it considers you more credit worthy. It is really not a good idea to overboard with the amount. The higher amount will increase your debt.

  1. Hunt for the best deal

Apply for the loan with the lowest interest rates. You may search for the various personal loan provider and get the deal from someone, who is giving you a loan at a lower rate of interest. Check for the tenure of the loan and the flexibility of the payments provided by the loan departments.

These are the basic things that you should keep in mind before taking a personal loan. You can also apply for the GST registration in nirman vihar at Tax Home. It is a leading legal consultant in Delhi, which provide legal consultancy services at an affordable cost.

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Positive impacts of GST towards real estate sector

GST Registration

GST has replaced multiple levels of taxation in India and now we are going to look how it will affect the real estate sector of India. As well know that real estate is one of the booming sectors of India. It plays a vital role in employment generation in India. Goods and Service tax has brought a lot of transparency in the real estate sector. This law has increased the margin in the hands of contractors/ realtors by removing the excise duty, entry tax, VAT, etc. Real estate sector is enjoying a lot of benefits due to GST.

GST rates for Real estate

Currently the sale of land and buildings has been kept out of the GST law, but it is expected to be taxed within a period of a year. The raw material, which use in the building like cement, bricks, and iron will be under GST law. The cement taxed at the rate of 28%, the iron and rod pillars used in the construction of buildings are charged at the rate of 18% and bricks are charged under the rate of 28%. These are the GST rates in Delhi for real estate sector.


The impact of GST is neutral on the real estate sector, but it is compulsory. Though it will bring a lot of transparency & accountability, so the realtors and constructors will reap the benefits of many taxes, which will subsumed by GST.

GST Registration 

If you are from a real estate sector & want to register your business under the GST act in Delhi, then approach Tax Home, a leading legal consultant, which will provide registration of GST in Delhi at an affordable cost. They have an experienced team of experts, who will surely help you with GST registration.

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Benefits of GST in Retail Sector

The Indian retail sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which is expected to grow after the launch of Good and Service Tax in India. GST is a comprehensive tax levied on goods and services at a national level. The introduction of GST in India has resulted in major simplification of indirect tax structure at both central and state levels of India.

GST registration.png

If we’ll talk about the retail sector, then there are lots of benefits of the GST Act in Delhi in this sector, which we are going to share below. Check out these benefits presented by us.

  1. Reduced taxes

After the launch of GST in the retail sector, the tax burdens on the retailers have been reduced, as they don’t have to pay taxes like CAT, CST, Service Tax, etc. GST has streamlined everything into one single tax, so that it will be easier for the retailers to understand the taxation.

  1. Growth of retail market

GST has lead to the unification of the market and eliminated all the confusion related to taxation in different markets. Retailers can carry their business in every state with only a one time registration.

  1. Beneficial for startups

The new GST law has attracted a lot of startups, as they only have to register their business only once and can attain the benefits of taxation. They can easily carry out their business operations freely with the new policies.

GST Rates in Delhi

So, these are the benefits of the GST for the retail sector. So, if you are in the retail sector or want to join this sector, then get the registration of GST in Delhi at tax Home with the help of professionals. They will help you get registered under GST at the best GST rates in Delhi.

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Benefits of Filing Income Tax Return on Time

The income tax is levied on the earnings of the individual, businesses, legal entities, etc. If your total income exceeds the basic exception limit decided by the government, then you are liable to file the Income Tax Return every year. Your tax rate is not fixed, as it varies across different sectors and sections. There is a prescribed time to file the ITR for every business and individual.
If you fall under the taxation bracelet, then you would have to provide the declaration to the Income Tax Department in the form of ITR about the earnings you have made in a particular year. You can choose a company for the Income Tax Return filing in Delhi. But before filing the ITR, know its benefits.
The benefits of filing ITR
1.      Faster refund process
If you file your ITR on time, then your refund will be processed earlier, than those who file the ITR later. So why file ITR late, just do it on time and stay stress-free.
2.      Easy visa processing
If your plans are immediate to travel abroad, then visa processing requires that you submit your tax refunds on time, especially if you are traveling to the UK, Europe, Canada, and USA.
3.      Easy loan processing
Life is full of uncertainties and you never know when you would require the loan. Every bank asks you to furnish your tax returns for the past few years to understand your financial situation. Having tax returns in your hand would speed up your loan processing time.
4.      Avoid penalties
If you will not be filing your ITR on time, then the tax department will send you the notice to file your ITR. And if you failed to file the ITR, then the Tax Department of India might penalize you. So to avoid unwanted penalties, file ITR on time.
So, these are the benefits of filing ITR on time. The end of financial year is here, so file your ITR with the help of tax professionals at Tax Home. It is a leading legal advisor that will help you to the ITR file in Nirman Vihar.
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How You Can Get FSSAI License Easily Online?

FSSAI stands for food safety and security authority of India. It works under the control of the ministry of health and family affair and under Indian government. It is made for protecting the health of the people. It also helps to promote food safety for the good health of the people.

fssai registration

It is considered as the food license, which is issued by the FSSAI. If you are going to start your food business, then you should register with FSSAI in order to provide good quality of food in your business. For the business owners, it is the effective marketing tool to boost or promote your business. As a food business operator, you surely want to promote your business sales and FSSAI license help you do the same. Food business operators can apply online for the FSSAI registration in Delhi through an online application system.

Here are some steps to get FSSAI license easily online

Step 1 – To get the FSSAI registration, you should go to FSSAI site and when the page opens, click to Sign up that is the self-care portal, which you can find on the right of the screen.

Step 2 – After completing the first step, the signup form will appear and now you are required to fill your contact details which are necessary for the FSSAI registration.

Step 3 – When filling your contact details, remember that the email id and mobile number you fill up should be active and valid. Make a unique username which should not already be registered for the site. After completing the process, click on register to submit the form.

Step 4 – Your account has been created with the FSSAI site. Now, you are ready to apply for the license. You are required to fill your details in the online application form and load necessary documents.

So, these are the steps to get FSSAI license online. To get an FSSAI registration in India, you can approach Tax Home. Tax Home is the best service provider GST registration, FSSAI registration, one person company registration. So, consult Tax Home to FSSAI license in a quick manner.

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What Are The Documents Required For Getting a Personal Loan?

To get a step closer to fulfilling your dreams, you can apply for an online personal loan application Delhi. A personal loan is easy to get, quick and convenient. You can apply for a personal loan easily which comes with plenty of benefits. It is the instant solution to all your immediate financial needs.

personal loan.png

Personal loan helps people to meet their unexpected expenses such as wedding expenditure, school or college fees, home renovation and so on. It is considered as multipurpose loan. There are some eligibility criteria that the borrower must be an Indian resident, minimum age 21 years, valid bank account, validly identify roof.

Here are some documents required for a personal loan

  1. Application form

To get a personal loan in a hassle free manner., you need to submit an application form with a recent photograph.

  1. Proof of identity

Secondly, you need proof of identity that can be passport copy, voter ID card, Driving license, or PAN card.

  1. Address proof

After submitting the proof of identity, you are required to submit address proof like ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill, rental agreement, passport copy, or driving license.

  1. Age proof

You are also required to submit a PAN card, passport or any other certificate registered with a statutory government.

  1. Bank statements

You also need a bank statement, bank passbook, or last 3 month salary slip and also form 16.

  1. Income tax return

Getting a personal loan involves an income tax return for the last 3 years only if you are a salaried employee.

  1. Fees

At last, after submitting the all the above documents, you are required to submit fees for a approval of a personal loan.

So, these are the documents required for a personal loan. If you are also looking for the personal loan, then you can approach Tax Home. Tax Home is the leading service provider of one person, company registration, GST registration and FSSAI registration and also expert in providing a personal loan at low interest low Delhi. So, you can approach Tax Home and get a personal loan in a quick way.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Private Limited Company Registration?

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Private Limited Company Registration?

Registering with a private limited company is the best way to start your business in India. Private company registration offers numerous advantages and it gives your business, a legal identity which is very important for every type of business whether it is small or big. To get multiple advantages and easy to register and manage your organization with private limited company registration.

Pvt Limited Company

Here are some benefits of getting private limited company registration

  1. Limited liability

Every business often needs to borrow money, in a partnership firm, partners are personally responsible for all the debt raised. But, after registering with the private limited company, there is no personal loss, only the amount of starting the business will be lost.

  1. Easy debt access

A private limited registered company has wide options for taking debts. Banks provide loans which are easy to obtain and issuing debentures are always available to it. So, after registering your business with a private limited company, you can easily borrow loans from banks with additional facilities.

  1. Owning property

A director of private limited company can enjoy and own property in its name. No shareholder can stake a claim on the property of the company as long as the company is the going concern. So, register your business with a private limited company and get a owning property of the business.

  1. Easy transferability

The owner of the business can easily transfer the shares to the shareholders. To transfer shares, you need to file transfer form and the share certificate is required. In a private limited company, the approval of the shareholder is required to affect share transfers.

So, these are the benefits of getting private limited company registration. If you are a small business owner and wants to register your business with a private limited company, then you can approach Tax home. Tax Home is a leading service provider of one person, company registration, private limited company registration, GST registration and many more. So, you can approach Tax Home to get private limited company registration inDelhi in a very quick and easy way.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting Services For Your Business.

Whether you have a large business or a small business, you are always under intense time and cost pressure. You have to struggle a lot to control your financial flow. You need someone that can help in your business through all your financial needs. You need to outsource an accounting service provider, who has a solid team of good accountants that can help with all types of finance related issues in your business.

tax return.png

Before hiring an accounting service provider, you should know what advantages your business can gain by outsourcing the one. Here in this blog, we are going to share the benefits of outsourcing tally accountant for your business. Let’s take a look at the specific advantages it may offer.

  1. Saves time & money

Outsourcing the accounting service provider can work for the betterment of your company. You can save your time as well as money by outsourcing an accounting service provider. You will only pay for the actual work and you won’t have to waste your time while maintaining the finance sheets.

  1. Daily monitoring

If you have an accounting service provider, then you can easily keep track of your daily accounting records and data. You would be having a team that is dedicatedly working to manage your finance sheets on a regular basis.

  1. Keep a handle on your cash flow

During the time of business growth, the things like accounting can move to the bottom of the list. You don’t have time to view reports and managing collections. At this time, accounting service provider will keep a handle on the cash flow in your business and help you get rid of financial problems in your business.

These are the basic advantages you can attain by an outsourcing accounting service provider. You can outsource an experienced service provider like Tax Home. At tax Home, you can find the best tally accountant Delhi to manage the cash flow in your business. So, outsource Tax Home and get the best services of tally accountant in Delhi.

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What is GST Rates

As soon as the GST rates were announced a huge wave of curiosity hit across industry and trade bodies. Everyone is evaluating their position as a result of this change. So in this article, we bring you our analysis of these GST rates.
Tax help.png

As per 25th GST Council meeting on 18th January 2018

*Note that Rate changes, Exemptions and other proposals made shall be given effect once the Notifications are issued for the same.

Rates for 29 Goods and 53 Services have been revised*.

  • Goods taxed at 0%- Vibhuti, De-oiled rice bran and parts used to manufacture hearing aids
  • Reduced from 28% to 18%- Old and used motor vehicles without ITC, Public transport Buses that run on Biofuel, Services of joy rides, Go-karting
  • Reduced from 28% to 12% –Old and used motor vehicles [other than medium and large cars and SUVs] without ITC
  • Reduced from 18% to 12% –Drinking water packed in 20 litres bottles, Drip irrigation system, sprinklers, Biodiesel, Sugar boiled Confectionery, Services of construction of metro / mono-rail, mining of petrol crude
  • Reduced from 18% to 5% –LPG for household use, Tamarind Kernel Powder, Mehendi paste in cones, Raw materials and Consumables needed for Launch vehicles/satellites, Services of Tailoring
  • Reduced from 12% to 5%-Velvet fabric( Without Refund of ITC), Articles of straw, of esparto or of other plaiting materials
  • Reduced from 3% to 0.25%-Diamonds and precious stones
  • Rate Increased from 0% to 5%-Rice bran (other than de-oiled rice bran)
  • Rate Increased from 12% to 18%-Cigarette filter rods
  • Services included in the Exemption List:
    • Providing information under RTI Act, 2005
    • Legal services provided to Government
    • Admission to, or conduct of examination provided to all educational institutions including any service of conducting entrance examinations  on collection of entrance fees

New GST rates in Delhi have been introduced. So take the GST registration for your product and service business as early as possible with the help of experts at Tax Home. It is the best Tax consultant in Delhi, which will help you with registration at the best GST rates in Delhi. Tax Home is a leading GST consultant firm, where you can enroll for the best finance and tax related services.